In The Presence of Absence

Assalamualaikum and hey there.

It has been more than a year since I posted something here, and I think it's finally time for me to write up a thing or two. It feels right, and so I must. The reason being, is that since I began being active on Twitter, I deem that this platform as useless. I had microblogging, why should I write up a few hundred words, and waste my time here, right?

Well, I got sick of it. Lately, I haven't been feeling like myself. I don't know (or rather, didn't know) what it was, until it hit me. I was just tired of not being in the real world. I, like many others was that person that cannot go 5 minutes without checking my phone for whatsapp, twitter, facebook or just pretty much anything. My brain was programmed that way, to be on the net.

This is 2011 Ali. The one that was about to get hook up on twitter. SPM Ali actually. He was ok, A loner, didn't really know what the world has to offer him. He didn't have that many of what you call friends. He's alright, a highschool normies. He wasn't really into video games, sure S4 league and OSU!, for like, an hour a month? He didn't use a smartphone, so he wasn't into social media that much. Childish, simple, and just went with the flow.

Then Ali became a little more mature, he got hooked up to social media as he is now has in his possession, an iPhone 4 (yes, I am an Apple user, used to, still am, will always be). He found out that he can make friends on this platform. He started following accounts after accounts, and Ali was also away from home. Sepang used to feel so far away from Subang Jaya compare to now to be honest. Owh yeah, he started playing DOTA2. Probably the most important point here, maybe.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is where it all started. The period where I finally can say, Ali, that is me, finally became addicted to social media. If you scroll back, I think this was the time I suddenly and rarely post anything to this blog. I was recruited to be part of this organization on twitter, which made me constantly having to be on my phone. I was happy, finally I was in the place where I thought I wanted to be. Mind you, this was during my diploma days.

Everyday, I began to actually lose sight on what is real, and what is merely just on the internet. Early in the morning, check my phone, in class, phone, lunch, on the phone, before sleep, phone. It made me feel as if my life IS my phone. Twitter and Whatsapp occupied 50% of my life, and that is.... sad.

When did I realised this? Probably after I started my internship early in January of 2015. I felt that I had not enough time to check my phone, as I was working, but meh, probably just nothing. The thought of deactivating all of my social media accounts did crossed my mind, but it was just too hard for me, so I eventually did came back to them.

Until early of 2016. When I started my degree life. I was culture shocked. It was a whole new experience for me. The phase I'm jumping to is a complete turn around from my diploma life. I had assignments after assignments, homeworks after projects, and so much more. It forced me to actually ditched my phone for a while. I became stressed. I can't even have a proper conversation with my girlfriend over whatsapp without having that long pauses, and it made me feel guilty.

But then again, it is kinda refreshing. After 6 months of a hectic sem, I realised, hey, this is pretty good actually. I did more work, I enjoyed the real life, and I appreciate my surrounding more that I do compared to the past 5 years. At one point, I actually began avoiding my phone, even if I do have free time. I began hating the fact that in this world we live in, we communicate more by typing words behind a small screen rather than having a face to face talk.

This, is what I told her. I have come to realised, that social media is just a want, not a need. I need to distance myself, not like cut it all off, but just less of it. I want to enjoy myself. I want to be a part of this real world, not on the alternate life. I want my life to be involving the soul that I have been given with. With that, hey there world, Ali's back.


Major All Stars (mostly about NiP tho.....)

Assalamualaikum and good day to all!

This is a special post I'm going to make, since right now, I'm in a very, very good mood. You see, from 20th March until 22nd March 2015, a DOTA2 tournament had been held here, in Malaysia, the place where I am!! Yes, DOTA2 is my passion, and I'm willing to do anything for it.

So let's look at the day by day review shall we?

DAY 1:

I first got there at around 8a.m., and there were a lot of people waiting outside of the tent, but what really surprised me was that, guess what, Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP) players and their manager were standing there, with no one around. NiP is my fav team by the way. So I ran towards their star player, and show him my drawing.

Me : I drew Tiny, and won the ticket to come here!

Era: Really? May I see them?

Me: *shows him*

Era: THIS IS COOL MAN! Want to take a selfie?

Me: Yes!!

-Adrian "Era" Kryeziu, the friendliest player there is!-
-Me with Limmp, Jonassomfan, Handsken and Sealkid-
I was so surprised that they were so friendly. For the first day, it didn't turned out so well. More on that later, I was at the twt_dota booth, and SUDDENLY, 2 NiP players walked by, so more picture!

-Sealkid and Jonassomfan-
So the first game on the mainstage was Natus Vincere vs Invasion Gaming, during that time, I handed over my NiP mousepad to a friend who was working as a crew to asked them for signatures, since I didn't get a chance to do so before. Little did I know, the very same day, I was going to meet them again at the VIP section. (yeah, I bought the most expensive ticket, boohoo). It was worth it, I asked for their signs on my headphones next, and managed to have a small talk with them.

Me: You have just arrived from Sweden right? Aren't you jet-lagged?

Them: We are! In fact, we only got 3 hours of sleep last night, it's really tiring, we are scared that this will affect our performance.

Me: Just do your best, I'll support you with all I have!

Them: Thanks man, we're worried that we do not have any fans here you see. Apparently we're wrong.

Me: Yeah I was quite surprised as well that when I saw you outside, there were no one around you.

Them: It's normal, we really appreciate the support. We're not aiming for anything, but we'll do our best!

Me: Goodluck!

Then the inevitable happened. There were technical issues, and due to that, all matches have to be postponed. Of course I was angry at first, then I looked at Adrian, one of the organizer for this tournament, and I thought to myself, this is a huge tournament. Problems are expected. We don't actually know what's happening, but we just have to trust them. So we went home, in hope the tournament can be saved.

Later that night, Lehud (a friend) and I decided to do something special, will be revealed later :)

DAY 2:

Not gonna lie, all the bad stuffs that happened the day before, all are forgiven! The organizer turned it all around, with help from Mineski Events Team, they managed to recovered! Day 2 also is the day they started the official fan-signing session. Besides than that, the match pretty much went so well, I couldn't believe how awesome it turned out. Also, since I think there's nothing much to show you, I'll put this instead :p

-NiP mousepad with all the signatures-
Also, cosplays! Owh and, I sort of, kinda, maybe have been leading the cheers for NiP. Sorry if you guys finds it annoying at the stadium tho XD

-Crystal Maiden (her name's Amy btw)-

-My top hero! Windrager!-

-Item bug perhaps?-

-And also, 1vs1 tryout, I lost to Farid tho-
Results day 2.

  1. Na'Vi 2-0 Invasion
  2. Empire 2-0 Redemption
  3. iG 2-0 CSW
  4. NiP 2-1 Rave
  5. Empire 2-0 Na'Vi
  6. iG 2-0 NiP
  7. Invasion 1-0 CSW
  8. Redemption 1-0 Rave
  9. NiP 2-0 Invasion
  10. Navi 2-0 Redemption
DAY 3:

Three words - LINE SO LONG!

That's what happen when you do a fansigning session for Na'Vi. I mean, the line was so long, they had to go OUT of the stadium. Luckily  I waited early for it. Anyway, due to it, we only managed to get one signature per person, and only on one item. We were also not allowed to choose the player we want to sign for us. At first I was assigned to Goblak, but then, for some reason he pushed my item to Dendi. Who is Dendi? Probably the most recognizable DOTA2 player there is! I wanted to take a selfie with him, which he agrees to, but the security didn't. I was so guilty when Dendi asked for forgiveness. *sigh*

Anyway, here's the results

  1. NiP 2-1 Na'Vi
  2. Empire 2-1 NiP
  3. iG 2-1 Empire (GRAND FINALS YO)
-Invictus Gaming, your 1st Major All Stars champion!-

Managed to get lots and lots of pictures as well. During the NiP fansigning session, Handsken recognized me! I was so happy at that moment, I almost jumped out of joy. Also, managed to get a video for a friend of mine who can't make it due to exams. Thank you Era! You're seriously super cool.


-Zyori, wth Warlock (sick cosplay btw)-

-Demon Edge and Vanguard!-

-First Blood!-
-Who will win?-

-Gender Bender Bloodseeker! Also, she's an acquaintance! Thanks Nadiah, for being so cool!-

-Manager for NiP, Marie-

-Zyori with the Demon Edge-

Right, I mentioned the personal project right? This is it!

YEAP! A real life, fanmade, compedium! Well, sort of. It was quite hard to fill this book you see. With tight schedules and limited time, I think it's so worth it to only missed out on 9 out of the 40 players there are. Plus, I got bonus signatures! So I guess it's cool. Also, there was an after party, which I did attend but didn't stay long.

-NinjaBoogie! By far the weirdest player there is-

-Godz and Zyori from BeyondTheSummit. Awesome castings guys!-
I also had the chance to talk to Zyori.

Me : What do you think of the tournament?

Zyori : It's tiring. It gets so tiring, that you can't even feel that you are tired. Nevertheless, this is one of the best tournament I've casted. Definitely would want to do it again!

Me: How long will you be in Malaysia?

Zyori: My plane actually leaves at 8AM tomorrow, so yeah, no rest for me! 

Me: Woah that's fast!

Zyori : Yeah I guess so.

Me: What's the reason behind your in-game name?

Zyori: It means nothing to be honest. I was 13, and I wanted a cool nickname as well, and I made it up. It sounded asian, and I like it.

Me: I've been wanting to try out casting, what are your advice to the people who wants to be good as you at casting?

Zyori: Just practice. When I first started, I casted for around 20 hours or so before I finally got my confidence. I started out small for StarCraft for a while, and continue on for around 2 years to finally get any break through. With practice, you can easily do so too! Don't lose hope, just practice.

Me: Now for the most basic question there is. What do you think is best hero there is?

Zyori: Easy. Definitely Dazzle. He's just so underrated, people don't really notice what a great hero he is. With the minus armor, the shadow wave, and the grave he can support the team so well, you HAVE to admit no other heroes that can support a team like him. Witch Doctor is a good hero as well. Don't tell anyone this, I've been secretly practicing *bleeep* because he's just so fun to play with.

Me: I agree! That hero is so annoying. Anyway, thanks for spending your time Zyori, hope to see you again!

Zyori: No problem man. Yeah, I hope so too!

-Hanging out with the NiP bois!-
That's it bois and girls! Thanks for reading, I know there's a lot of stuffs that happened during this short 3 days event, but this is Malaysia's first ever DOTA2 event at this scale. If we don't support it, who else will? 


Addictive Addiction


Hai there people of the internet! It's been a while eh? Well, it's about time to write something since I've wasted money to buy this domain, so let's get started.

Ahh, Ramadhan, the time where you can see people suddenly becoming more Islamic, where they changed the usage of words like sahur and berbuka to suhoor and iftar. Anyway, that has nothing to do with what I'm trying to write today. To those who's not that close to me, I've developed a syndrome, an addiction, and to be honest, I'm not that down about it.

DOTA. yeap, you've read it correctly, I'm addicted to dota. Yes, I do know I have more to do outside than what I'm doing in front of the computer, playing a round of MOBA game that repeats itself again and again. I mean, I don't think it's a problem as long as you don't neglect your everyday routine.

It's simply a hobby. Some people do sports, some people likes to read, me? I play dota. It has come to a point that I basically watch other people's game, professional plays or just regular games, and thinking what would I do if I'm playing. Trying to figure out what went right and what went wrong in a game, or just simply enjoying the round casually.

With a hobby, there is bound to have money involve. Sure, dota is a free to play game, but it came with optional features such as cosmetics for the heroes, or for your player items, or extra features like the compendium books, and that is what makes the game interesting. I have to clear something out tho, I don't waste my money to the state where I can't manage myself. Tho I've spent like what, RM50 just to complete the plushies set?

I've also spent quite a bit on a mouse and keyboard so I can play better, erk, but that doesn't seem to help eh. Heh. Dota also creates a variety of job oppurtinities, from a dealer for both in game items or the necessary equipment to make yourself looks like a pro, to casting a game or holding/participating a tournament. With the largest prizepool of any e-sport tournament set to be played this July, I doubt that dota will not get the exposure it should have had years ago.

The community is also great. From twt_dota to the facebook groups and reddit thread, everything about the community is awesome. The simplest things will be discuss with seriousness, and that is fine. Yes, there is bound to be a black spot in the community like bashers and pinoy (opps), then again, so does in everything else. So yeah, that's about it.

Thanks for reading.