Wan Mohamad Ali

Background :
Born on the 28th Nov 1994, Wan Mohamad Ali is the child of Wan Idrus and Zainab. Two years after his birth, his family moved to Subang Jaya. Now 17 years old, he is living his life to the max! Have fun reading a little piece of my humble life!
Education :
Went to SK La Salle and was in class 1B in the year 2001. Transfered to SK Subang Jaya in 2002, and was placed in class 2Cempaka, 3Kekwa, 4Anggerik, 5Kekwa and ended my primary school life in class 6Dahlia. Then, continued my schooling life at SMK Subang Jaya in class 1Usaha --> 2 Setia --> 3 Setia. After PMR, applied to several boarding school, but rejected and continued my student life in 4Bakti and finally ended my highschool life as a 5Usaha-nian. that's my life!
Hobbies :
1. Bowling
2. PingPong
3. American Football
4. Facebooking
5. Youtubing
6. Tweeting
7. playing the Bass and Guitar
8. Extreme sports!
9. Appreciating nature 

Miscellaneous :
1. A fan of Japanese Culture.
2. Addicted to Chocolates.
3. Hyperactive <---- due to excess amount of chocolates.
4. Love to annoys people.
5. Fav subject(s) --> Physics, Chemistry, Biology and AddMath =D
6. Known as Shushou Takenaga in the "Internet World"
7. My fav number is 13
8. Loves Black and White
9. currently has 4 cats.
10. Love icy foods. (Abc, Ice Blended etc.)